BCF Membership Programs


The programs listed below are designed to help aspiring riders and competitors get the most out of their training. The finesse and mental connection with the horse that is required to become a great rider make this not only a difficult sport, but also an art form. Riding necessitates, among many skills, the development of knowledge, fitness, feel and timing. Excelling in such a sport requires extensive training, study and practice. Students who desire to excel and those who wish to take their riding to a competitive level will need to ride more than once per week.

For this reason, we offer the following programs in an effort to help each of our students riding journey be as successful and affordable as possible.


  • Offered to students riding twice or more per week.
  • This pre-paid program offers a 10% discount on lesson totals for a quarterly period.

Yearly Membership Program

Available to those riders riding twice or more per week, and to families with two or more members currently enrolled at BCF.

Membership Provides:

  • 15% discount on lesson totals for the membership year.
  • Can be paid in two equal installments. The first installment is due upon enrollment; the second installment is due at the beginning of the fifth month of the membership year.
  • Locks in the current lesson rate for 1 year.
  • Provides a block of lessons to use throughout the year as well as an additional 3 months to make-up any unused lessons as long as you remain enrolled at BCF.
  • 15% discount on all BCF events and apparel such as:

Schooling Shows